The world of Acting for women

To feel good in front of an audience and a camera

A personal,feminin and experiential empowerment workshop using practical tools from the world of acting, which will also help you stand out confidently in front of people and in front of a camera, without the need for background or previous experience

  • Do you want to get tools that will allow you to stand out, convince, sway your audience, when you give presentations, before interviews, when recruiting employees, before photo shoots and more?
  • You have a healthy self-confidence but somehow you feel that you are not realizing your All your potential from the moment an audience, even a really limited one, enters the picture?
  • Are you sometimes looking for an excuse to leave the room to catch your breath and sweat?
  • Do you feel that your challenge with an audience prevents you from developing in your field even though you are super professional, original and the best at what you do?
Sometimes - all you need is one stage, a small audience and a safe environment, some professional tips and a guiding hand...
In the last 14 years, hundreds of students have already learned that instead of stage fright, speaking in front of an audience and in front of a camera has become their second nature! You too can experience and understand the enormous power that you always wanted to bring out and didn't know how... Just as swimming is learned in the pool and in the water, so too in the studio, we will train the same muscles and understand how to bring the same abilities to express yourself and take this abundance of confidence further, into your life...

My name is Maya Behar, an actress and the owner of the acting studio "Mia Bacher - studio for acting and performance art" since 2010, invites you to a special, fun and one-time journey, where you can finally come out with the best version of you, and discover, together,
How your Achilles heel becomes your greatest strength...

What do you learn in the workshop?

In the workshop you will learn, through countless practical exercises:

Click on the clip so we can get to know each other a little

What does the workshop include?

The workshop has 15 sessions held once a week for three hours, and focuses on countless exercises from the world of acting and improvisation exercises, which “prepare the ground” for the more advanced work that combines work on characters, familiarity with the world of the camera, a deep understanding of body language, the power and importance of Listening, and how it is related to liberation, improving self-confidence, and developing imagination and creativity.

Starting from the second third of the workshop, work on a text will be integrated in addition to those exercises (which will accompany us until the end of the workshop), in which a place will be opened for the discovery of expressive abilities, standing in front of an audience, the world of emotion, of strengthening the presence and raising the inherent charisma, in my view, in all of us…

15 sessions too long for you? No problem!

where and when?

– The next course will open on February 26 and will take place once a week, every Monday at 10:30-13:30

Please note – the number of participants is limited!

the location:

*For workshops for groups, companies and organizations, leave details and we will get back to you

Contact me and I will be happy to meet you

Contact us or send a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible


Helena Roth
Helena Roth
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Dear Maya
11 years ago I came to you by chance. I did a search for game workshops, and the first result was you.
Today, looking back, it is clear to me that it was not the hand of a web promotion company but the very hand of God!
That year, I graduated from a road teacher course that lasted two and a half long years and, so to speak, I entered the job market. But in fact I just said that I was out on the job market when in fact I refused all her advances. Stage fright paralyzed me and ate me up inside and took all my guts out, messed them up and put them back inside. Being a guide with stage fright is kind of like being a pistachian trapeze lullaby. If people are going to pay to see it, it's just to see him crash. So I came to you. I don't know if I really came to you to overcome stage fright or to find myself and my voice, but you gave me this and that.
The months I studied with you were months of internal process, maturation, maturing and surprisingly a lot of fun. I don't know if your workshop started the processes or if my coming to you was part of them.
All I know is that in a graduation class, which is a graduation performance, I shattered everything I knew about myself and my world, and burst into the air with a new light. From that moment, from that monologue from "Miss Julia", I lived my new life, in which I was no longer afraid, in which all the opportunities immediately opened before me, in which I took them all, in which I knew who I was and what I was.
In addition, in this life, I was and still am living in a stage. I live for the stage, every stage, I am filled with the experience that drives me like fuel and I hunt every opportunity to stand in front of an audience. My Achilles heel, the stage has become my greatest strength, my most prominent sign, and one of the pleasures to which I devote myself.
No matter what I do in my life, I will be just fine because I have what you gave me.
I remember a lot of love in your guidance, your presence in class, and your dedication to our group. I admired you for your emotional muscles, and your crazy eyes, with which you could express anything. anything really. I have had many teachers in my life. Good and experienced and inspiring. But you are the type that makes me proud to say "I was her student".
With love and gratitude, Helena Roth
Asif Zach
Asif Zach
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I didn't miss a single meeting. The weekly sessions at the studio were what I was waiting for after a long week of routine. 3 hours of fun, of learning, of listening, of a lot of understanding and introspection, and above all an abnormal experience. I don't just recommend, it's an experience that I have to go through!
Sarah Aroeste
Sarah Aroeste
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I came to Maya for performance coaching for a music concert I was doing. I've had coaching before and with mixed results. Maya is by far the most creative and talented coach I've ever worked with. She brought out emotions in me I didn't know I had, and was able to help me reach something I couldn't achieve on my own. She was compassionate, patient, and knew the exact right buttons to push to get the best out of me. When showtime came, I completely trusted her and felt so much more confident because of it.

Gili Koren
Gili Koren
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I came to my first acting workshop at Maya's by chance a year and a half ago, and it was the beginning of a love story that continued 3 workshops later, and the end is not in sight at all... I discovered an empowering, educational, eye-opening and fun workshop - all thanks to Maya who creates a pleasant and accepting atmosphere, and makes everyone feel comfortable, relax and simply enjoy the experience. Happily, I also recently participated in an online workshop and I was really surprised to find that the experience remained the same even from a distance, the workshop was empowering, liberating and just as fun as the face-to-face workshops. warmly recommended!!!
Noy Chen
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I experienced with Maya an acting workshop that focuses on monologues while experiencing personal development along the way. What it means? That every time I went on stage, I felt that Maya saw me and that she was there with me. She knew how to give notes and what to touch, made it crazy inclusive for each of us and I had a huge learning experience. Mia is very talented and not only as an actress. The ability to see the player, who I am is among the most important and Mia does it in a big way. For anyone who wants to touch the field of acting or whether they have already studied before, whether in monologue or improvisations, I recommend this formative workshop where you go through a process of experience, great fun laughing and also crying in a formative group with other people. Can't believe it's over💗
Sharon Wasserman
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I came to Maya with 'camera fear' which prevented me from shooting marketing videos for my business. Maya's warmth, care and professionalism are also transmitted through Zoom, and the improvement was felt from the first online meeting. Maya talks sensitively about problematic points and gives exercises that help overcome them. The process is not over yet, but already after several sessions I feel more liberated, and express myself much more confidently in front of the camera. Highly recommend!
Hani Davidson
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So yesterday I finished a workshop of 20 sessions with Maya. It was a special, educational, empowering and very enjoyable experience (there is no shortage of difficulty, but that's part of the fun). Maya is an excellent teacher, attentive and empathetic, but also sharp and deep, a combination that allows her to lead each participant to get the best out of themselves. I'm very glad I did it and highly recommend it to everyone - certainly for those who have a burning passion for the game, but also for those who have something in them that is drawn to it but is hesitant and maybe even a little afraid. I wouldn't give it up!
Lin Zigron Hayun
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Recommend from the bottom of my heart♥ At the beginning of my journey in the game world about 10 years ago I came to the beautiful and talented Mia. Always with a smile, always with patience, always with constructive and professional comments, I learned all the basics of standing on stage from her! From there I continued studying at "Goodman", a three-year acting school, and I always recommend her workshops with a smile and confidence 🙂
Shani Gold
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Three workshops One because I needed this place that is mine to be me in all my heart The second was to meet friends for life and celebrate life and star while turning thirty The third was a spontaneous decision out of a desire to be the spontaneous girl who plays the dramatic funny. Mia's workshops allow you to be who you are in all the cool colors of life It's fun.. and funny.. three hours a week of pure fun.
Maya Gal
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Maya has rich experience in acting and teaching acting and an understanding of subtleties and nuances, I participated in an acting workshop with her for several months which was both very enjoyable and educational and meaningful and included a part of improvisations and a part of working on monologues and performing in front of an audience at the end. I learned a lot from her. In addition, I recently experimented with a short online workshop that was enjoyable and fun. And besides, she's a great person (: I highly recommend both face-to-face workshops and Zoom workshops.
Adaya Halfon
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The first time I experienced the whole subject of acting, there is no doubt that Maya is so professional and talented that I simply enjoyed every lesson and moment with her! I learned a lot about myself and my abilities, I highly recommend it especially to those who have always wanted to experiment but never dared, It's time to dare 🤞🙏
Anat Aviad
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I participated in Maya's acting course with an emphasis on standing in front of a camera. The course was amazing! I learned a lot, the exercises helped to internalize the content, Maya's attitude, her inclusiveness and her ability to give everyone feedback simply made the course an experience! I met people there who went through the processes of a second life with Maya and I was happy to be a part of it. I have no doubt that we will see each other again!
Yulia Sokolov
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I was lucky enough to participate in two monologue workshops, a dialogue workshop, an online workshop and a guest workshop "acting in front of the camera" by Maya and every time I was left wanting more. Beyond the fact that it is simply a pleasure, I learned a lot. I have accumulated a pool of valuable useful tools. I return again and again for humanity, professionalism, efficiency and a winning combination of seriousness and fun.
During the Corona period, to my great joy, an online workshop was just as fun, successful and effective as a live workshop. there is! 🙂🙏❤️

Lital Biniashvili
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We were looking for a constructive and fun activity for our group at work, and I received a warm recommendation about Mia and her improvisation workshop. And we got exactly what we were looking for - a really cool activity that made everyone laugh and get out of our comfort zones. Mia knew how to adapt the exercises themselves to the number of people (we were 20 people), and each exercise was different from the last, and gave us an amazing experience!
Joy Bernard
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Go study with Maya! The woman and the fire! From Maya I learned so much about presence in improvisation and at the same time about the total freedom you can find as an actress while working with a text. Recommend wholeheartedly


No previous experience is necessary. The workshops are experiential and intended for everyone, the tools you will receive in the workshop will be useful to you whether you come with no previous experience or whether you are experienced players planning a career in acting.
Definitely! The game world contains many practical tools for personal development and development of communication skills, including working on listening skills, reading body language, the ability to think quickly and react quickly in a constantly changing environment and removing barriers
Perfecting your presence in front of an audience can be done at any age without limitation There are often both older and younger people. The unique summer workshops at the studio are intended for ages 11-14 / 14-17
for sure! The studio also has private lessons for acting studies, face-to-face or online, personal training to improve communication skills and preparation for projects and presentations, up to preparation for auditions and acting schools

The studio holds workshops for closed groups.
Whether it is a group workshop for company employees, good friends, formation days and even groups of women or men who are interested in separate classes – you can be in touch, order and schedule everything!

The live workshops can also be ordered in Hebrew and French, which I speak fluently
If you’ve come this far, you’ve probably already realized that I have over 30 years of experience both on stages in Israel and abroad, and in teaching, with over a thousand graduates who lovingly testify to how much studying with me has changed their lives; about the sensitivity, professionalism and precision of my work.. I think you also understand that it’s time to give yourself this unique experience

Definitely! I am always happy to be invited to give workshops outside of Israel, as long as the workshop is given in English, French or Hebrew

People of many professions
One day, they had to dedicate themselves to what they did best to work at Zoom…
In the online workshop we will learn how to transfer a successful accumulation mode to another accumulation mode.
and maintain the same qualities of presence, charisma, persuasion,
And they will be even more successful!
We will talk about the common point between many professions and the world of gaming,
On the commonalities and differences between the world of the stage and that of the camera and their relevance in different and varied fields,
about the frustration of moving to this new and different format,
and for all the wonderful opportunities it brought with it,
If only we learned to accept it with both hands and enjoy its benefits…

And there is also a gift!

At the end of the course you will be get the digital course, best souvenir of the course 

The course comprises more than 50 recorded study units, featuring lessons that outline the materials covered in the workshop, providing participants with a resource they can revisit at any time.

Additionally, the digital course places significant emphasis on developing a strong presence in front of the camera, recognizing the growing importance of this skill in our lives over recent years.

from the media

“Maya Behar has lived the world of stage since she was a little girl. In 2010 she started teaching acting and since then her studio has been visited by students from all over the country who want to develop and cultivate their skills of standing in front of an audience and a camera”

“Already at first glance it is hard to miss the power, the presence and the charisma of Maya Behar”

“Maya Bear, a talented actress with rich experience on stages all over the world, is the proud owner of an acting studio named after her. Maya’s journey in the world of acting took her across continents, sharpened her practice in the field and enriched her understanding of everything related to the performing arts.”

“The beautiful, skilled and talented Maya Behar tells the story of the rape (of the character) as a child, her misery and revenge in many active ceremonies, devoting herself to the intensity of the experience and to shaping the gestures of the community and religion.”

“In ‘Ashrei’ (written and directed by Udi Ben Saadia), Maya Behar convincingly portrays a lost character of a young girl from a religious-Oriental family who becomes a rape victim by a traditional healer. Behar managed to convey a variety of difficult emotional situations, And pain. “

About the work process on Asherei
“Maya Behar is an actress with a very impressive stage presence, diverse and rich professional abilities. Maya brings to the stage a wide and colorful emotional arc and  Proven and consistent ability to convey a variety of difficult and complex emotional states with great skill. Throughout the work process, Maya discovered great dedication and uncompromising willingness to explore and experiment, go deeper into discovering many components of the demanding and difficult role she was asked to embody. There is no doubt that any production in which she will take part in the future, will be able to enjoy from these salient skills of acting, stage presence, seriousness and dedication during the work. I wish her much success And convinced that she will find in the future as well A way to express all the elements I mentioned In any creative work”

“עם נסיון ומיומנות, מיה בכר רכשה יכולת ליצור בקהל מימד קסום והצופים נסחפים אחרי משחק הדמיון…”

Regarding the show “A Touch of Light”

“Maya Behar is not one of those people who is easy to decipher at a glance. She changes voices, rises and falls in tone while speaking, tells jokes and marvels at imitations and then becomes completely serious. Behar is a performer in the full sense of the word … This week she returned from Paris for a short vacation. Miles in French-speaking countries and Europe with her solo show. “

Regarding the show “Ashrei”:

“Maya Behar is a professional and experienced actress, and this is evident at any given moment of her performance.”

“Alone on stage, the Israeli actress Maya Behar tells the story in French. She constantly changes voices to create the atmosphere, sometimes sad and sometimes happy but always touching …”

“With experience and skill, Maya Behar has acquired the ability to create a magical dimension in the audience and the spectators are swept away by the game of imagination …”

“The actress Maya Behar has a fascinating stage presence”

How can I help you?

My name is Maya Behar, And the great passion of my life has been the gaming world for over 30 years.

I am an actress, a voiceover graduate of the "Nisan Nativ" school of acting, and the owner of the acting studio "Mia Becher - acting and performing arts studio" since 2010. As an actress, I appeared in many theater productions in France, New York and Israel, including "Hadbok", The award-winning "Point of Light", The presentation of the solo "Ashri" at the "Theatronto" festival and more.

I realized I wanted to be an actress at the age of five, When my mother took me to see the play "Peter and the Wolf", And since then I haven't woken up from the dream... For 14 years I have accompanied hundreds of people, from every possible background, from different ages, with a common desire - to enhance their presence in front of the audience and in front of the camera, and seeing the change that my workshops produce in their professional lives, personal and interpersonal and is amazed to discover, every time anew, As much as the game world is an inseparable part of our lives.

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I am here for you for any questions or concerns

Want to reserve your place for the upcoming workshop?
Get in touch or leave details and I will get back to you


For the sake of clarity, here are some key points that constitute the agreement between you and the studio (Maya Behar):

Workshop Content:

Recorded lessons comprising 50 sessions.

Course Commencement:

Upon course purchase, registered participants will receive, on a weekly basis, the relevant course chapters and stages, as well as a link to access the closed Facebook group for course participants.


Full course price: 295$

Special discounted price due to the current security situation, including 50 digital lessons: 197$

Please note: 30% of the proceeds will be donated to organizations assisting victims of the “Iron Blades” conflict.

Payment Schedule:

Upon registration, participants must make the workshop payment by credit card (up to three installments).

Cancellation Policy:

In case of participant cancellation for any reason:

Notice of cancellation must be sent in writing (via email or WhatsApp).

If a participant decides, for any reason, to cancel their participation in the course within two days after the first chapter (Chapter: Listening, Control, and Imagination), a full refund will be issued.

*In case two weeks have passed since course purchase and the first chapter has not been viewed by then, cancellation of participation will not be allowed.

Cancellation notice beyond the aforementioned time frame will require full payment of the course.

Payment of the course fee, in cases of withdrawal after two days following the first chapter, may also apply to installments not yet paid.

Digital Content:

Upon course commencement, participants will receive a username and password, granting access to recorded digital content.

The bonus course “Body Language in the Virtual Space” will be sent upon course completion.

Access with the login details is limited to viewing from two devices simultaneously (e.g., computer and mobile/tablet) and up to three IP addresses. If a participant wishes to access from an additional IP address, contact Maya at +972528975961 (WhatsApp or email). A response is expected within a maximum of 12 hours.

The provided username and password are personal and intended for the sole use of the participant who purchased the course. They should not be disclosed to any third party, whether for consideration or otherwise*.

*Violation of this clause constitutes a severe infringement of intellectual property rights exclusively reserved for Maya Behar.

קצת על מיה בכר

שחקנית, מדבבת, יוצרת ובעלת הסטודיו “מיה בכר – סטודיו למשחק ואמנות ההופעה” מאז 2010.
בוגרת בית ספר תיכון לאמנויות ירושלים ,ובית ספר למשחק ניסן נתיב,
הופיעה בצרפת ובארצות דוברות צרפתית עם הצגת היחיד עטורת הפרסים “נקודת אור” עם מעל 450 הצגות.
דיבבה עשרות סרטים מצויירים באולפני הדיבוב הגדולים בארץ, כזמרת יוצרת הופיעה עם שירים שכתבה והלחינה.
בנוסף הופיעה כשחקנית בהפקות תיאטרון רבות בצרפת, בניו יורק ובארץ, בהן “הדיבוק”,הצגת היחיד “אשרי” בפסטיבל “תיאטרונטו” ועוד.

משנת 2010 בעלת הסטודיו “מיה בכר- סטודיו למשחק ואמנות ההופעה”

קצת על עמית רגב

שחקן של תיאטרון “הבימה”. בוגר הסטודיו למשחק “ניסן נתיב” וזוכה פרס על סדרת הרשת שכתב ובה שיחק. השתתף בהפקות טלויזיה כמו “קופה ראשית”, חנצ’י ועוד… 
מלמד בסטודיו מאז 2019.

קצת על אמנון וולף

בוגר הסטודיו למשחק ניסן נתיב משנת 1995.

משנת 1996 ועד 2010 שיחק בתאטרון גשר. שם שיחק במספר רב של הצגות כגון כפר, עיר-בה זכה בפרס השחקן המבטיח, שלוש אחיות ועוד. בפסטיבל עכו בשנת 1997 זכה בפרס השחקן המצטיין בהצגה סטפן.

משנת 2010 ועד 2020 שיחק בתאטרון הבימה בהצגות רבות בהן-אשה בורחת מבשורה,הדה גאבלר, שייקספיר מאוהב ספינינג- אותו גם כתב ביחד עם עירית לוז ואשכול נבו ועוד.
שיחק בטלויזיה בתפקידים רבים בהם הוא והיא, של מי השורה הזאת?, מבצע קיפוד,שכונה ,אזהרת מסע, כפולים ועוד.

שיחק בסרטי קולנוע בהם: ההסדר, ציפורי חול, המוצא אל הים,ג’יהאד ועוד.

מרצה במכללת גליל מערבי

קצת על ירדן תוסייה כהן

בוגרת המחזור הראשון של הסטודיו של מיה בכר במחזור 2010, ובוגרת הסטודיו למשחק מיסודו של יורם לוינשטיין מחזור 2016

השתתפה בפרויקטים רבים ביניהם: סדרת הנוער “החממה”, עונה שלישית בתפקיד עופרי, סדרת הנוער ״פלאשבק״ בתפקיד דנית.

שיחקה בתפקיד ראשי בעונה השנייה של הסדרה “מתים לרגע” בתפקיד שירה.

בשנת 2021 שיחקה בתפקיד ראשי בסדרה “החנות שיש בה הכל” של כאן 11 בתפקיד דנה, בדרמה היומית “מלכת היופי של ירושלים” כג’יזל ובסרט הקולנוע “השחיין”.

כיום משחקת בתיאטרון חיפה, בתיאטרון הארצי לנוער ובתיאטרון השעה. מצטלמת לפרוייקטים רבים ומלמדת בסטודיו משנת 2019.

קצת על עידו מוסרי

שחקן תיאטרון, טלויזיה וקולנוע, נולד וגדל בתל אביב.
התחנך בבית הספר לאמנויות בעיר וכבר מגיל 8 החל לשחק בתיאטרון ולהופיע בתוכניות טלוויזיה. למד במגמת התיאטרון בתיכון תלמה ילין.
שירת כשחקן בתיאטרון צה”ל.
בין השנים 2002-1999 למד בסטודיו למשחק ניסן נתיב, במסגרתו זכה פעמיים בקרן שרת. בשנים אלו השתלם בסדנת מחזות זמר של אוניברסיטת ת”א בברודויי, שבעקבותיה קיבל מלגה לסדנה נוספת ב-TAMPA FLORIDA , בהנהלת Ann Reinking
ב-2009 יצא אלבום הבכורה שלו, משחקי פחד, ומאז הוציא כמה וכמה סינגלים.
מזה שנים מדבב עשרות דמויות, ביניהן דמותו של “בוב ספוג” מזה 20 שנה.
כיום שחקן בתיאטרון גשר, פרזנטור של עלית, משתתף בסדרת הטלוויזיה היהודים באים ועוד פרוייקטים רבים.

למען הסדר הטוב, להלן כמה נקודות המהוות הסכם בינך לבין הסטודיו (מיה בכר):

תכני הסדנא:

שיעורים מוקלטים הכוללים 50 שיעורים.

פתיחת הקורס:

♦עם רכישת הקורס יישלחו לנרשם/ת, אחת לשבוע, הפרקים הרלוונטיים לפי סדר הקורס והשלבים שלו וכן קישור לכניסת לקבוצת הפייסבוק הסגורה של משתתפי הקורס.


♦מחיר מלא של הקורס- 1200 ₪

♦מחיר הנחה מיוחד לאור המצב הביטחוני, הכולל 50 שיעורים דיגיטליים- 597 ₪

שימו לב- 30% מההכנסות יוקדשו לתרומה לעמותות העוזרות לנפגעי מלחמת “חרבות ברזל”

הסדרי תשלום:

עם ההרשמה ישלם/תשלם המשתתף/ת את התשלום עבור הסדנא בכרטיס אשראי (עד שלושה תשלומים)

מדיניות ביטולים:

במקרה של ביטול של הנרשם/ת, מכל סיבה שהיא:

♦הודעה על ביטול יש לשלוח בכתב (מייל או וואטסאפ)

♦במידה והחליט/ה המשתתף/ת, מכל סיבה שהיא, לבטל את השתתפותו/ה בקורס, עד יומיים לאחר הפרק הראשון (הפרק- הקשבה, ויתור על שליטה ודמיון), יוחזר הסכום ששולם במלואו.

*במידה ועברו שבועיים מרכישת הקורס והפרק הראשון טרם נצפה עד אז- לא יתאפשר ביטול ההשתתפות.

♦בהודעה על ביטול בכל זמן מאוחר יותר מחלון הזמן המצויין בסעיף הקודם, הקורס ישולם במלואו.

♦תשלום עלות הקורס, במקרה של פרישה לאחר יומיים אחרי הפרק הראשון, תחול גם במקרים של תשלומים שטרם נפדו בעת הפרישה, במידה ותהיה.

תכנים דיגיטליים:

♦עם פתיחת הקורס, יקבל/ תקבל המשתתף/ת שם משתמש וסיסמא אשר יאפשרו לו/ה גישה לתכנים הדיגיטליים המוקלטים.

♦קורס הבונוס “שפת גוף במרחב הוירטואלי” ישלח בסיום הקורס.

♦הגישה עם פרטי הכניסה מוגבלת לצפייה משני מכשירים בו זמנית (למשל מחשב ונייד/ טאבלט) ולשלוש כתובות IP. במידה וירצה/תרצה המשתתף/ת להיכנס מכתובת IP נוספת, יש ליצור קשר עם מיה בנייד (0528975961)/ ווטסאפ/ מייל. מענה צפוי תוך 12 שעות מקסימום.

♦שם המשתמש והסיסמא שיימסרו הינם אישיים ומיועדים לשימושו/ה של המשתתף/ת שרכש/ה את הקורס בלבד ואין למוסרם לצד שלישי כלשהו, בין בתמורה ובין שלא בתמורה*.

*הפרה של סעיף זה תהווה פגיעה חמורה בזכויות היוצרים, השמורות בלעדית למיה בכר